WH Range cookers

Kitchen professionals

Dedicated to professional chefs and those who need excellent solutions with large dimensions.
The Greithwald Range Cookers are distinguished by the perfection of the finishes, sturdiness and durability, even after heavy use.

The Range Cookers can be combined with built-in appliances, plate-warmers, sinks, counters, cabinets, etc. The stainless steel frame is built as a single unit so as not to have any hard-to-clean, unhygienic joints.

The main features of the Range Cookers line are:
- Built-in fire prevention devices
- Automatic and manual power control
- Flue pipe Ø 150 mm
- Radiant steel hot plate
- Height upon request
- Stainless steel front handrail
- Wood storage drawer with self closing runners
- Stainless steel with telescopic rails
- Thermally insulated handles
- External air intake






RAL colours = On request for all models