Our contribution to the environment with the cleanest cookers in the world

Easy to find and ecofriendly

Heating fuelled by wood is constant, long term, renewable and positive for the environment.
During the wood combustion process substances such as water, carbon dioxide and minerals are released, all elements that nourish plants.

Wood heating becomes part of nature's carbon cycle, maintaining the CO2 balance neutral and avoiding the production of additional quantities of carbon dioxide, which, as we all know, has a negative impact on the greenhouse effect. All plants absorb CO2 as part of their life cycle. The wood burnt releases the same amount of CO2 that the tree had accumulated. The balance is therefore zero.

Respecting the environment costs less

In a time when the price fluctuations for gas and oil are becoming an economic problem, wood is a readily available solution that is not influenced by financial crises, as shown by market data: an ethical and environmentally friendly choice

Annual heat energy requirement of 15,000 kWh for 20 years