GHÖ Boiler cookers

The power of fire to heat your house

Cooking and heating, not just a room, but the entire house and, when necessary, producing domestic hot water, all this is now possible. This GHÖ Greithwald line of boiler cookers makes it possible to configure the entire heating system, as a new installation or integrating the existing ones. Used together with solar panels, gas or diesel boilers, they can greatly reduce the cost of heating your house. The ideal solution to raise the energy class of new or restructured homes.

In particular this line of boiler cookers is fitted with a valve located under the water heat exchanger, which serves to convey the high temperature fumes generated by the refractory combustion chamber, sending them in the direction of the oven to obtain the high temperatures necessary for perfect cooking of food or, alternatively, blocking the hot gas path in the boiler zone so as to concentrate the maximum output on heating the water.

In short, the power of the boiler cooker can be “directed” and thus used to the best advantage for one of two functions: cooking or heating water.

The main features of the GHÖ boiler cooker line are:
- External air intake
- Manual power control
- Flue pipe Ø 150 mm
- Integrated ventilation
- Stainless steel frame with rear riser
- Radiant steel hot plate
- Height upon request
- Telescopic rails for oven grid and baking tray
- Double glass and thermometer on oven door
- Stainless steel handles
- Front handrail
- Stainless steel heat exchanger with integrated thermal discharge safety system
- Thermometer for water temperature inside heat exchanger
- Grill with fixed flame height






RAL colours = On request for all models