Fire that decorates

Our products are manufactured with top quality materials and great attention is paid to their design, to produce exquisite furnishing items. They are ideal to create the unique atmosphere that only a crackling fire can produce.


Simple lines, clean shapes and high level design: a Greithwald cooker fits harmoniously into both classic and modern style homes.

Sober and accurate design that conceals an innovative technology to heat the home with excellent results.
A Greithwald cooker has a high aesthetic value; it is an item of exquisite craftsmanship, made in-house with the best materials.
The emotion of fire is guaranteed thanks to the front steel and glass door, so the pleasure of cooking or simply the warmth of your cooker will become an enjoyable and relaxing everyday ritual.
Every customer has different requirements and should have the opportunity to choose the best solution, so we always guarantee the possibility of customising the cookers with a wide range of different colours and decorations, for an absolutely exclusive product.

Greithwald offers solutions to solve space problems or to fit a cooker in rooms of particular sizes