The evolution of domestic fire

Wood burning cookers offer a single solution that combines the advantages of a professional cooker at home, of a heat source and of an item that decorates your home in various styles, from classic to modern.
Greithwald wood burning cookers are manufactured in our plant and they are entirely handmade. They meet all technical, functional and aesthetic requirements.

Why choose a Greithwald cooker?

Our contribution to the environment with the cleanest cookers in the world
Wood is a natural renewable source of fuel. During combustion, wood releases exactly the amount of CO2 previously filtered by the plant from the air during its growth, which would in any case be released if the plant was left to decompose in the woods. The installation of a wood burning heater instead of a boiler powered by traditional fuels limits the emissions of greenhouse gases by about 5.3 t/year per family and guarantees, thanks to the radiation system, homogeneous and constant heat diffusion, with great benefits for health.

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