Öko Easy

12 hours of heat after combustion has ended

This line is dedicated to those who love prolonged heat and wish to save without compromising on the result. Thanks to the primary and secondary air control, the heat is stored by the refractory material and slowly released over time, using a minimum amount of wood. By totally closing off the air, the refractory material releases heat for at least 12 hours after combustion has ended.

This line has a particular design that combines functional and aesthetic features and also makes maintenance much easier.

The main features of the OKO Power line are:
- Öko firebox
- External air intake
- Air control on ash pan
- Flue pipe Ø 120 mm, adjustable laterally and in height
- Integrated natural ventilation
- Stainless steel frame with rear riser
- Radiant steel hot plate
- Stainless steel oven
- Telescopic rails for oven grid and baking tray
- 1 oven grid and 1 baking tray
- Double glass and thermometer on oven door
- Stainless steel handles
- Levelling feet






RAL colours = On request for all models